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"Finding the perfect SAT tutor might be just as hard as finding the right spouse. They come in all shapes and sizes.  There are those who are strict and have no sense of humor. There are those who, when one hour is up and you’re midway through a problem, they’re already out the door.  There are those who are simply bad at their job and just don’t know how to teach. And then there’s Dan Riseman.

It’s funny, because while parents pay Dan to come and teach their kids, it seems like Dan has made the investment in you.  He cares. He is passionate about increasing your score. But it goes beyond that.  Becoming a student of Riseman Education is becoming a close friend of the family.  He wants to make sure you not only succeed on the SATs, but that you get into a great school, and will help you through the process.  He wants to teach you the SATs by talking about pop culture references (for us, it was all about the new episodes of "The Apprentice", which at that time was must see TV). And then, after you get into college and are midway through your freshman year, there’s an email from Dan, just checking up and making sure you’re having the time of your life. So yes, he offered support, he increased my score, and I got into my dream school, but all SAT tutors say they can do that. Dan is that “Answer D,” that extra something which makes the entire stressful college experience seem like a breeze, because he is with you the entire way."

     - Eric Kuhn
       Hamilton College 2009


"The world of education is more competitive than ever for our children. That’s why Riseman Education should be your go-to if you want your child to succeed in the classroom and in the demanding college application process. Nobody is more aware of the challenges that face your child or better able to conquer them than Daniel Riseman.

Riseman has put together a team of educators from the best schools around to tutor children in everything from English to math to writing to science. A talented and compassionate educator himself, Daniel has infused his company with the philosophy that the child comes first. He and his team do not try to fit your child into a tired old tutoring process that might have worked for somebody else. Instead, they work one-on-one with the student to build skills and performance by enhancing the learning style that comes naturally to the child. It works. You’ll see a dramatic improvement and a gratifying surge in your child’s confidence after working with Riseman Education.

When it comes to applying for college, Daniel Riseman is a godsend. He will work with your child to figure out the nuances of the Common Application and the individual application requirements that many educational institutions require. Nobody is better at helping your child present himself or herself effectively. If you want your child to get in to his or her dream school, the place to begin is with Riseman Education."

     - Pat Riley
       Irvington, NY


"I was a client of Riseman Educational Consulting my entire high school career. The tutoring program was a major reason why I was able to get into my college of choice. After working with the tutor, my papers improved significantly as well as my mathematical skills.

The most significant impact Riseman Educational Consulting had on me was my SAT score- my score improved 300 points. I had tried several other SAT tutors, as well as several other classes, but Riseman Educational consulting was by far the best. Dan Riseman has the ability to influence every student he comes in contact with as he very much influenced my life as well as my two younger sisters."

     - Aaron Mack
       Lehigh University 2010


"When it came time for our son to begin the college admissions process, I was concerned about the overwhelming task of his preparing for standardized tests. I was anxious about the fierce competition and apprehensive about the benefits of outside support. I was also concerned about adding extra pressure at an already insanely stressed out time for college bound students.

We decided to give Dan a try, and now I can say I know why Riseman Education is the best kept secret in Westchester. When Dan began working with our son, we were amazed at the wonderful relationship that developed. Our son was thriving and before we knew it, all of his friends called Dan and begged for him to work with them as well. I watched Dan work with many students, with a broad range of abilities, each with individual care and attention. Each of these families has thanked us many times for sharing Dan with them and have gotten results well beyond their expectations.

I think it is fair to say that Dan Riseman has single-handedly improved the overall quality of education in our district. I know you will be thrilled with your results as well."

     - Carol Pfeffer
       Irvington, NY


"It was always a pleasure to have Daniel in our home, working with our son on his SAT prep. Our son’s scores improved dramatically, and Daniel’s professional and personalized approach made us all look forward to the sessions.

We can’t thank Daniel enough for his genuine interest and commitment to the SAT experience for our son. His enthusiasm is contagious, and we can’t wait for him to work with our daughter in the coming years."

     - Scott & Marcie Meyer
       Chappaqua, NY


"Dan managed the college process for two of my kids. Not only was he knowledgeable, professional, and an easy person to work with, but I can honestly say I feel we had better college choices based on great applications than our grades would otherwise have rendered.

People pay a lot of money for these kinds of services as I am sure you are aware. I think Dan is underpriced and exceptionally valuable.

Dan had a natural rapport with our two very different kids. He sized up the situation quickly and got the best out of us with a touch of humor in what is typically humorless process.

I can’t recommend Dan highly enough."

     - Mike Kerans
       Katonah, NY

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