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Eight of Westchester's best tutoring services.

(Original publication: July 26, 2007)
These days, when the competition to do well in school and then get into collegeóand not just the Ivysóis so fierce, many kids need an academic tutor to help. Here, eight local places to help them get a scholastic leg up. (Costs are per hour unless otherwise indicated.)

Tutoring Club
For grades K-12
Curriculum Owner Neal Schwartzís business runs the gamut of scholastic subjects and sticks with your child until sheís jumped at least one grade level. For example, if your 7th-grader is at a 6th-grade reading level and completes the 32 hours of instruction without having moved up to at least the 7th-grade level, the club will keep working with her at no additional charge until she does. Schwartz also offers one-on-one and group (with no more than three pupils) sessions.
Start studying Semiprivate sessions are $51-$70; private sessions are $80-$100; SAT prep is $80-$100; Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-noon, Mon.-Fri. 2:45-7:45 p.m., Sat. by appointment; 475 Main St.; Armonk; 273-2353; armonkny@tutoringclub.com.

Riseman Educational Consulting, LLC
For grades K-12
Curriculum Though based in Irvington, Daniel Risemanís 50 tutors educate at their homes. The service covers skill levels from remedial to advanced. Riseman cites some of the advantages of kids being taught at their own homes: They feel more comfortable in their own environment, theyíre less inhibited, and teachers can brief parents right after each session. All Riseman coaches are specialists in their subject and teach at public or private schools; meanwhile, most of them hold a masterís degree in education.
Start studying $125-$150; 715-9725; risemaneducation@yahoo.com.

For grades 9-12
Curriculum Think of Collegewise as a matchmaking service. It helps a college-bound student research, find, apply to, and attend the school best suited for her. Advisors interview students and their families to uncover everyoneís desired specificsósuch as the population, location, sports programs, and majorsóand then they rank the colleges based on order of interest. Collegewise, which starts meeting with kids late in their sophomore years or early in their junior years, also provides one-on-one SAT, PSAT, and AP prep, plus mock admission interviews.
Start studying $3,500 for the college counseling program (regardless of start date); $3,500 for private SAT- and ACT-tutoring packages (24 hoursí worth); 901 N. Broadway; White Plains; 285-8495; getcollegewise.com.

Huntington Learning Centers
For grades K-12
Curriculum This chain focuses on supplemental instruction in the basics: SAT and ACT groundwork, reading, writing, math, and phonics. After your child takes a series of diagnostic tests to determine whatís keeping her from doing her best, Mom and Dad meet with the center director, whoíll review the childís strengths and weaknesses and recommend a tailor-made program. Huntington also works to break kids free of ìfailure chainsîócycles of frustration, disappointment, and apathy that can affect their school and home lives.
Start studying $46-$83; 721 White Plains Rd.; Scarsdale; 722-6100; 441 Tarrytown Rd.; Greenburgh; 946-7800; 335 Downing Dr.; Yorktown Heights; 245-8888; huntingtonlearning.com.

For grades 10-12
Curriculum In addition to in-person tutoring, WilsonPrep also offers an online plan. Each weekday, your child takes a timed 7-to-10-minute online quiz with six SAT-type math and verbal questions and then receives immediate feedback. A personal coach monitors your childís progress and gives her personalized tips, strategies, and recommendations for future study via e-mail. Wilson DailyPrep.com says that in 2006, kids who relied solely on it for their SAT prep raised their scores an average of 200 points.
Start studying $140 for three months; $270 for six months; 144 King St.; Chappaqua; 861-2085; wilsondailyprep.com.

Bedford Prep
For grades: K-12
Curriculum: Bedford Prep offers college-admission-assistance packages, such as: ìThe Freshman and Sophomore Early Start,î which is for students who want to know what to expect when searching and applying to schools ($175; $750 for five hours); the junior year ìAdvise Meî helps your child identify his collegiate passions, interests, and goals ($175; $3,300 for 22 hours); the junior-year ìAdvise Me Through Senior Year, Tooî mirrors ìAdvise Meî but also covers the application process ($4,500, includes 10 hours during senior year for application completion and essay finalizing). The senior-year ìAdvise Meî is for those starting the college exploration process ($175; $3,300 for 22 hours). Start studying 26 Village Green; Bedford Village; 35 Major Lockwood Ln.; Pound Ridge; 234-4713; bedfordprep.com.

For grades 10-12
Curriculum Studyworksí SAT and PSAT preparation coursesócalled Premium, Advanced, and Honorsócome with tuition-free retakes. With the first deal, you pay the tuition but must give a $99 administrative fee for every retake. The second one comes with a higher tuition fee but no retake charge. Private tutoring is also available. Start studying PSAT and SAT: $795 tuition, with a $99 administrative fee required for each retake; $875 tuition, with free retakes; ACT: $595 tuition, with a $99 administrative fee required for each retake; $675 tuition, with free retakes; class times and days vary; 345 Kear St.; Yorktown Heights; 962-4728; studyworks.com.

Kumon Learning Center
For grades 1-12
Curriculum This after-school learning program is designed to help pupils master the basics of math and reading, The Kumon method, which originated in Japan, doesnít follow the standard classroom/tutor model. Instead, itís a ìself-motivated learningî approach, with instructors serving as guides. Kids get worksheets illustrating concepts, followed by simple exercises. As the childrenís skills increase, the intellectual exercises become more difficult, with the progression gradual so that students learn at their own pace. Thereís also Junior Kumon, for preschoolers and kindergarteners.
Start studying Prices may vary. See kumon.com for details on the 11 locations in Westchester.

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